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ArrowMaster 55/60
Premium Laser Cut Kit

The Ultimate Sport Biplane

Kit  #  K-505
Designed By Tom Herr

The specifications for the Alien Aircraft Corp. ArrowMaster 55/60 are:

 4 Channel R/C minimum (5 Servos reqd.)           
 Wingspan = 55 “ or 60" with optional wing tips    Area = 996 Sq.     Weight = 7-8 Lbs.      Wing Load = 19.3 oz / Sq.’
.65 - .90 2-Cycle Glow Motor      .70 - .110 4-Cycle Glow Motor      15cc Gas Motor

    The 55” or 60" wingspan ArrowMaster features rugged all wood construction providing a strong, light weight structure that delivers outstanding performance and It’s quick building will have you at the flying field in minimum time. With its classic lines and great handling, the ArrowMaster 55/60 will turn heads at the flying field every time it’s flown.

This outstanding kit features:

High Performance Semi-Symmetrical Airfoil
267 Laser Cut Wooden Parts
Tab and Notch construction for quick and accurate assembly
3-D Cad design for precision part fit
3 Full Size Computer drawn plans
Quality hardware pack
Pre-Bent Aluminum Landing Gear & Cabane Struts
Optional Wing Tips to increases the wing span to 60"
Optional Wheel Pants

The Complete, full color step by step instruction manuals are available for download below at bottom of page.


Buy Your ArrowMaster 55/60 Now

ArrowMaster 55/60 **Kit Only**  

Includes the ArrowMaster 55 kit only.

 P/N: AK-505     Our Low Price: $236.95      Sale Price: $199.95 ...

60" IMAA Legal Wing Tip Kit for the ArrowMaster 55/60  

Includes the IMAA, 60" Wing Span wing tips for the ArrowMaster 55.

 P/N: AK-505WT     Our Low Price: $19.95 ...

Optional Wheel Pant Info.

We decided not to put wheel pants in the kit because they would be vac-formed plastic, which is flimsy and a pain to assemble. However, we found a great set of epoxy glass wheel pants from Fiberglass Specialties that look great, are rugged, and fit perfectly.

Their contact info is:

Fiberglass Specialties
15715 Ashmore Dr.
Garfield, Arkansas 72732
Phone 479 359-2429

Web Site:

The Complete, full color step by step instruction manuals are in Adobe PDF format and must be downloaded here.
(not included in kit)*

ArrowMaster 55/60
69 Pages


Wheel Pant Assembly
4 Pages


60", IMAA Wing Tip Assembly

5 Pages


More details and a list of additional items required to finish the model are in the instruction manual.

* The instruction manuals are not included in the kits. They are available here in the Adobe PDF format. This allows us to provide you with a detailed, step by step manual that includes color photos. You can zoom in on the photos to see the details better. This also allows us to quickly provide updates, corrections and additional details quickly.

We're proud to offer you these premium kits

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